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I take you through a process of finding your real estate goals, finding a way to finance these goals, then finding the property that is going to work the best for you!

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Common Questions

Q: Why would a buyer need a real estate agent?

A: Buyers typically don't pay the commission. Even if you did, when you are thinking about buying the largest purchase most people will buy it is a good idea to have representation during a transaction. 

Q: Why would a seller pay enough to cover the buyer's and seller's agents commission?

A: You want the most amount of offers to consider and the highest quality of buyers. Your agent is getting paid to represent your house to over one thousand agents. Offering a reward to the agent who brings you a buyer encourages these agents to perform and decreases the potential for conflicts of interest. 

Q: Should I buy a home and rent out the rooms to save money on rent?

A: If you have the credit and a frugal mindset there is a very large market of people renting rooms. If you are planning to hold onto the property for a  substantial amount of time, there is no reason to believe that rents will go down significantly. As long as we can find a property with your desired return on investment this is the way to go in this market!